Design Competition – SUPERHERO HOUSE

Design project for all students of B.Arch, B.Plan, Interior Design, Product design and other design and animation courses.

This time we want you to freak out more than ever before! We want you to design a house for a superhero!!! We want you to imagine and create a superhero – make a house for the superhero as you think your superhero will need and like it. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THAT YOU CAN’T USE ANY EXISTING SUPERHERO.   

As always, you have the complete freedom to design the house on land, floating in the air, floating on water or even under water.

Make sure that the house has the following spaces –

      • Sleeping space
      • Dining Space
      • Kitchen
      • Workspace / studio / laboratory
      • Bathroom and toilet
      • Apart from these you can add any other function that you find necessary
      • The design and the form of the house must have a strong concept and a meaning. The visual and spatial forms should spring from an original idea and concept of your own.

Note – The design that you submit is original and your own. We are strictly against copying of ideas and have disqualified many entries in the past that were directly copied from other sources.

Submission requirements 
We don’t want a tall heap of sheets and drawings.  Just send us your drawings and sketches with suitable text and explanations that explain your design and idea well.

    • No submission should exceed 5 MB in size.
    • The sheet size should be A2 (landscape).
    • Please note that all your sheets should be in PDF or JPEG format.
    • Please do not send more than 5 sheets.
  • Feel free to use any medium – drawings can be digital or hand drawn (scanned) but please make them with all your heart.

Evaluation criteria

All entries would be marked keeping the following points in mind –

    • Originality, imagination and unconventional design.
    • Concept
    • Design process and evolution of design.
    • Marking would be split as – 20% for the idea, 50% for design process and evolution, 20% for presentation and 10% for write up.


Cash + Certificate

First prize –Rs30,000 +  trophy

Second Prize – Rs15000 + trophy

Third Prize – Rs 5,000 + trophy

Five Honorable mentions

Important Dates

Registration Start– 1st March, 2018

Last date of registration – 10st May, 2018

Last date for submission – 10st May, 2018

Results – 10th June, 2018

“Those who register today can send us their submissions by midnight, tomorrow.”

Registration Fee

Registration Fee (International Students)


Pavol Griac

Pavol Griac is a resident of Slovakia, Europe. He has studied Spatial Planning at the University of Technology in Slovakia and in city of Reims in France. He has taught Urban Planning at a prestigious university in India and has traveled different parts of India during his stay. He works in real estate business. He loves to travel and experience different culture He is a sports enthusiast and loves to play ice hockey, football and rock climbing.

Pavol Griac
Kunal Chaudhry

Kunal Chaudhry is an Architect and Urban Designer who graduated from the University of Toronto. He brings forth architectural design and urban design experience, with an excellent facility for concept plan illustration, development of guidelines and master planning. Having led and collaborated with large, multi-disciplinary consultant groups, and with extensive experience working with regional and municipal departments and facilitating design workshops for both the public and the private sectors, Kunal Chaudhry presents an interesting dialogue between Architecture and Urban Design. He currently works at a private firm in Toronto and has participated in numerous design competitions and proposals across the world and has served as a design jury member.

Kunal Chaudhry
Narinderjit Kaur

Narinderjit Kaur is an architect, designer and motivated environmental planner who relishes new and dynamic challenges. Her fields of interest include Natural Resource Management, Urban Environment & Climate Change and Sustainable approach in and Spatial Planning and Architecture. She has eighteen years of professional experience including six years of core field work, 11 years field work as free-lance consultant along with 11 years teaching experience.

Narinderjit Kaur

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